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What is My Fantastic Park?

The entertaining browser game MyFantasticPark offers you an exciting challenge. As newly appointed park director you'll build your very own amusement park here. Your goal on this fun park game My Free Fantastic Park is to develop a place of pleasure and fun and create a pure oasis of leisure. Park-expert Wanda Welmington will present you with your first park game challenge on My Fantastic Park. Having welcomed you on MyFantasticPark, Wanda congratulates you to your new job and gives you your first important task on this game. It's your job now to build two new attractions on the relatively barren park-grounds and upgrade an already existing attraction. Of course you'll dive head-first into your first park game task. After all, it's your goal to entice as may visitors as possible to visit your online amusement park on My Fantastic Park. That, however, will only be possible if you offer your audience impressive attractions. To get going right away on the park-simulation, you'll enter the MyFantasticPark shop and buy your first attraction. It's a can toss booth in funny monster-style that you'll be able to place right after having bought it. With just a few clicks you'll place it on your park's grounds. Additionally, you'll have a total of 20 sand paths at hand, to ensure your visitors can reach your attractions without any problems. Success is not far off: already the first visitors are streaming into your park.

On My Fantastic Park you've got amazing funfair attractions in three different categories at hand. Depending on your level, you'll be able to place small, large or XXL attractions in this park-simulation. The selection of small attractions includes the can toss booth, a high striker, a merry-go-round, a swing ride, a puppet theater as well as antique cars, a magician, an adventure playground, a hall of mirrors and a space shuttle. Roller coaster game fun, bumper cars and a dark ride are of course also among the attractions this park-simulation includes. MyFantasticPark offers you multi-faceted theme park fun in an original setting with a wide range of features and great social game elements. On top of that, My Fantastic Park can be played entirely for free. Experience the park game fun and open up your own amusement park on the browser game My Fantastic Park. Enjoy browser based park games for free here on My Fantastic Park.


My Fantastic Park - The browser game's story

You're the boss here! The entertaining amusement park simulation My Fantastic Park enables you to open up your very own online theme park with bumper cars, dark rides and a large variety of further attractions. It's your goal on this fun park-game to expand your park and attract as many men, women, children and senior citizens to your My Fantastic Park amusement grounds as possible. Of course this asks for a bit of finesse. After all, a big park game challenge is expecting you, and you'll be asked to design your amusement park as diverse and entertaining as possible. For, the better you're able to meet the demands of your target groups in this game, the more visitors you'll attract to your roller coaster game attractions. You'll start off the tutorial of the browser game My Fantastic Park which, by the way, can be played entirely for free, by building your first park-attraction, the can toss booth. Each ride or fun fair facility you'll find in this game has a specific fun factor. The can toss booth, for instance, has a fun factor of 25, whereas the swing ride has a fun factor of 225. The higher the fun factor, the higher the popularity of the respective park game attractions with your visitors. You'll be able to increase the fun factor of your park's leisure time facilities with by upgrading them. Upgrades won't just spice up the look of the respective park simulation attraction, but also its fun factor and, in turn, its popularity.

As park director, you're the one who'll determine what's going to happen in this park game, for it is you who'll decide how you wish to plan and decorate the grounds in this theme park simulation. Using the in-game currency park-dollars as well as resources, you'll be able to buy a large variety of different fun rides, and flowers to decorate the grounds, as well as paths, snack booths, soda stalls and hamburger booths and place them in My Fantastic Park. Thus, you are the one who'll determine the course of this game and the speed it'll progress at. On top of that, you'll be able to complete exciting quests, whose completion will gain you great rewards. Another amazing advantage of this unique and fun park game is that My Fantastic Park can be played entirely for free, for being able to play park games for free offers you a load of advantages. Furthermore, the game can be played directly in your browser. Discover the great opportunities and dive into the colorful world of My Fantastic Park where you'll be expected by bumper cars, dark rides, roller coaster simulations and a multitude of further game-attractions. Experience pure gaming fun on the free upjers browser game My Fantastic Park.


My Fantastic Park - The browser game's features

It's the one and only fun browser based amusement park game: on My Fantastic Park, you'll take on the role of a park-director and open up your own online theme park, which you'll upgrade step by step and turn into a veritable visitor magnet. And you've got a number of great features at hand that'll help you to do just that. With small, large and XXL attractions you'll attract your audience to visit your park in this park simulation. From puppet theater to sea lion shows, from bumper cars to dark rides, you've got a huge selection of fun rides and amusement park facilities at hand. The more exciting your rides and park game attractions, the more visitors you'll attract and the higher your revenue of park dollars. The higher the amount of park dollars you earn, the bigger the attractions you'll be able to build in your theme park - always depending on your level, of course. Plus: the bigger the park game-attraction, the higher the fun factor of the respective fun facility, which in turn will attract more visitors. It's therefore quite worthwhile to keep placing as many different rides and fun fair facilities as possible in My Fantastic Park. Next to park-dollars, resources play an important role when it comes down to buying and building new amusement park attractions. There are four different resources on MyFantasticPark. These are: material, technology, ideas and nature. The resource material includes anything you'll need to build rides and buildings in this roller coaster game, such as stones, metal, paint, etc. The resource technology includes, among others, engines, gears and electronic equipment. The resource ideas in this park game includes blueprints, creative ideas and research and can be used in a multitude of different areas - from developing game attractions such as dark rides to highlights such as bumper cars. The resource nature includes plants and natural resources. The rarest of the four resources is the resource material. You'll need it for practically all purchases in this theme park simulation. To be able to place a can toss booth in the roller coaster game My Fantastic Park, for instance, you'll need, aside from 500 park dollars, 3 units of technology, as well as 23 units of the resource material. Only if you've got the necessary units of resources and park-dollars, you'll be able to buy the desired online park game attraction. But how will you get the desired resources on the fun amusement park and roller coaster game My Fantastic Park? There are different options. These are:

- From time to time your visitors will drop resources. All you need to do is gather them.

- You can get resource-packages via the booster. The booster is a card package which is available in bronze, silver or gold. You'll get one free bronze booster upon each first log in of the day. This bronze-booster contains eight cards that are turned to their backside. You'll be able to select four of these cards and flip them. With a bit of luck, you might just find a resource package hidden underneath one of the cards.

- When completing tasks or story tasks or gaining achievements, as well as by reaching new levels on the amusement park game My Free Park, you'll be rewarded with resources, among others.

- Furthermore, you'll receive resources in this park game, when removing obstacles, such as stones or roots from your park's grounds.

- Visiting friends and helping them complete their amusement park tasks will gain you resources as well.

- Place new items in your theme park to gain resources.

- Turn the wheel of fortune, which will appear above the rides and attractions in this amusement park simulation from time to time, and you may, among others, gain resources.

- Of course you also may buy the premium currency diamonds in this browser based roller coaster simulation and trade it in for resources.

You see, there are many different ways that will help you gain resources in MyFantasticPark. Resources, however, are just one of the many fun game-elements and entertaining features this game offers. Experience the thoroughly convincing and impressive theme park browser game and play along for free now on My Fantastic Park. It's never been so much fun to play park games for free and to experience free roller coaster games.

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