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My Fantastic Park – The fantastic-park game

This fantastic-park is truly unique. For in the entertaining browser game My Fantastic Park, you’ll build your own amusement park. As ambitious park director, you’ll of course want to plan and design your grounds as best as possible. To do that, you’ve got a variety of great features and gaming options at hand and can, for instance, build numerous attractions and rides.

My Fantastic Park

Free browser game fun

The fantastic-park offers you free browser game fun. The online game My Fantastic Park can be played entirely for free.

The fantastic park’s features

The fantastic-park game offers you great features and gaming functions. Wow your visitors with a variety of entertaining rides.

Keep your visitors entertained with plenty of attractions and decorations
Fancy rides inspire the masses
Freefall Tower or ghost train - You decide what to build

The story of My Fantastic Park

It’s you yourself who’ll determine the look of your fantastic park, The further you progress in this game, the more gaming options you’ll have at hand. Discover the manifold opportunities this unique browser game offers you and play along for free now. All you need to play are a web-enabled PC, a valid email-address and you are good to go. After a speedy tutorial, you can get going immediately on My Fantastic Park.

A variety of different functions

The fantastic-park game offers you a wealth of entertaining functions. Form virtual friendships with fellow players, remove rocks and tree stumps from your park’s grounds and pick up precious resources. For to build rides and attractions, you’ll need the resources material, technology, ideas and nature. Take on the role of park director and build your first attraction, the can toss booth. From there on, you’ll make it to the top bit by bit on My Fantastic Park. The higher you level up, the higher your revenue of park-dollars, which in turn you’ll be able to invest for purchasing new items. Play along for free on the fantastic-park now.

Broaden your amusement park with theaters and carousels
A variety of roller coasters provide thrills

Online for free: the upjers-games

They can be played for free, without downloads or installations. Since 2006, the German company upjers has been developing and publishing free browser games for both old and young. These online games can be played conveniently with any internet browser. Their contents range from the fantastic-park to role playing games.

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