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My Fantastic Park – My park

Here you can get your own My Fantastic Park-amusement park. On the browser game My Fantastic Park, you’ll build your own amusement park that you will equip with heaps of attractions and rides. Needless to say, you’ll start with the smaller attractions first. The first attraction in your park is the can toss booth, which will help you wow your visitors and gain you your first park-dollars.

My Fantastic Park

Free gaming fun

Heaps of free gaming fun! The browser game My Fantastic Park lets you build your own colorful amusement park.

My park and its features

It’s the varied features on My Fantastic Park that offer you great gaming options with each new level you reach in this very special browser game.

Keep your visitors entertained with plenty of attractions and decorations
Fancy rides inspire the masses
Freefall Tower or ghost train - You decide what to build

The game‘ s story

It’s my park! In this colorful park game, you are the manager – and you are the one who’ll decide on your park’s look and layout. You’ll determine which decorations and rides to place where, as well as how many of them you wish to build and which attractions you’d like to upgrade. My Fantastic Park offers you extraordinary gaming fun in a unique browser game-setting. Experience the My Park Game and play along for free now.

MyPark – A variety of features

A variety of different attractions, awesome rides, lovingly created graphics, an intuitive control as well as a thoroughly convincing gameplay – the browser game My Fantastic Park offers you all of this, and much more. To play along on this unique browser game, all you need is a PC with a working internet connection and a valid email-address. If these preconditions are met, you merely need to sign up on the game’s login page, create a free account and play along immediately. The tutorial, the introduction to the game, teaches you the most important functions. After that, you’re good to go by yourself. Start on My Park now and experience a truly thrilling game challenge.

Broaden your amusement park with theaters and carousels
A variety of roller coasters provide thrills

Free-to-play: Games made by upjers

Started as free-time project, the game provider upjers has turned into a truly successful company. The German company upjers has been providing browser games since 2006. These are colorful online games that can be played completely for free. One of these games is the My Park game My Fantastic Park.

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