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My Fantastic Park – Online simulations

There is a large variety of different online simulations out there, but only few of them manage to offer an equally wide range of different features and functions as My Fantastic Park. The browser game that’s entirely free-to-play, allows you to take on the role of an amusement park manager, and plan and design your very own theme park. Discover the fun online simulation game and stop by on My Fantastic Park right now!

My Fantastic Park

The fun amusement park

On My Fantastic Park, a fun amusement park awaits you. Experience one of the most fascinating online simulations directly in your browser and play along!

Features of an online simulation

They offer you truly awesome features: we are referring to online simulations here. My Fantastic Park, too, comes with a wealth of fascinating functions.

Keep your visitors entertained with plenty of attractions and decorations
Fancy rides inspire the masses
Freefall Tower or ghost train - You decide what to build

The story of My Fantastic Park

There is a true success-story behind My Fantastic Park. After all, it’s your job here to create an all-round attractive leisure facility. To help you do just that, you’ve got a large amount of great features at hand in this amusement park game. Place impressive rides such as the aqua giant, build snack booths and soda stalls and meet your visitors’ demands. The prettier your park, the more park-dollars and experience-points you’ll gain.

Awesome functions

My Fantastic Park offers you pure online simulation fun directly in your web browser. Experience an entertaining browser game with great functions and play along for free. Use the chance to form virtual friendships with your fellow players and share tips and tricks. How to best develop your My Fantastic Park-account; is it best to remove all rocks and roots; which attractions should best be placed? Share your thoughts on these and other questions with your fellow players. The game forum, too, offers you an excellent means to talk about the latest developments on My Fantastic Park with other fans of this browser game, and lets you keep yourself up to speed on updates and new features.

Broaden your amusement park with theaters and carousels
A variety of roller coasters provide thrills

Free-to-play: Games made by Upjers

They can be played for free, without downloads and installations. All you need to get going immediately are a web-enabled PC, as well as a working email-address, and you are ready to play along for free on all Upjers browser games and this online simulation.

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