My Fantastic Park – Manage your own amusement park!

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My Fantastic Park – Roller coaster gaming fun

Pure roller coaster gaming fun: the browser game My Fantastic Park lets you manage your own oasis of leisure. Here, you manage your own amusement park by placing attractions, rides, snack booths and soda stalls and embellishing your park’s grounds with decorations. The prettier your park’s grounds, the higher the amount of visitors you’ll attract. Thus, you’ll also increase your revenue of park-dollars.

My Fantastic Park

Become park director

As soon as you have completed the tutorial, you are good to go and experience the fun and thrilling roller coaster game. Prove your gaming skills!

Roller coaster games

My Fantastic Park offers you a wealth of different functions and features. Discover My Fantastic Park and play along for free!

Keep your visitors entertained with plenty of attractions and decorations
Fancy rides inspire the masses
Freefall Tower or ghost train - You decide what to build

My Fantastic Park – Enthuse your audience

Come and discover My Fantastic Park! Fulfill the demands of your park’s visitors and gain precious experience points and park-dollars in the process. The better you are able to match your audience’s taste, the better your park will fare. Men, women, children and senior citizens are all wishing for different kinds of rides and attractions. Careful planning allows you to create the oasis of leisure your visitors are dreaming of step by step and thus attract even more visitors.

The roller coaster game’s features

Roller coaster games such as My Fantastic Park offer you a highly enjoyable setting. The browser game lets you take on the role of park manager and develop your own amusement park. To do that, you’ve got a large variety of different features and options at hand. Build extraordinary attractions and rides – from old-fashioned can toss booth to futuristic space shuttle. Resources, such as material, technology, ideas and nature, which you’ll need to build new rides, are an important feature of the game. My Fantastic Park offers its players an entertaining mixture of tycoon game and park simulation with intuitive controls, a thoroughly convincing gameplay and lovingly created graphics.

Broaden your amusement park with theaters and carousels
A variety of roller coasters provide thrills

Free-to-experience: Games made by Upjers

They can be played without downloads and installations. Bamberg-based company Upjers has been producing browser games since 2006. Anyone can sign up and play along for free. The only prerequisites are a web-enabled PC as well as a valid email-address.

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