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My Fantastic Park – The roller coaster simulator

Fast-paced rides, cozy attractions and heaps of snack booths – the browser game My Fantastic Park lets you plan and develop your own amusement park according to your own liking. Experience the unique park game fun in your browser and play along for free. An awesome and thrilling gaming world is awaiting you.

My Fantastic Park

One game, many possibilities

The roller coaster simulator My Fantastic Park offers you a large variety of gaming options. Experience the game’s amazing features and play along!

The features of My Fantastic Park

These features are sure to blow your mind: My Fantastic Park guarantees you an overall awesome gaming experience.

Keep your visitors entertained with plenty of attractions and decorations
Fancy rides inspire the masses
Freefall Tower or ghost train - You decide what to build

The browser game’ story

You’re the one who’ll determine the story of the browser game My Fantastic Park. After all, it’s you who’ll decide which attractions you want to place in your park, as well as how many of them. The roller coaster simulator offers you a large amount of different options: from can toss booth to high striker, octopus or the XXL-attractions moon express and aqua giant: your rides are sure to overwhelm your visitors and gain you precious park-dollars.

Roller coaster simulator and Co.

These rides and attractions are sure to put a smiley on your visitors’ faces. We are referring to visitor magnets such as the moon express or the aqua giant here. The bigger your park and the more you’ll expand it, the higher the amount of gaming options you have. On My Fantastic Park, you’ve got three different kinds of attractions at hand. The small attractions can be built right from the start. Among those are, for instance, vintage car rides, merry-go-rounds and swing rides. Later on, the larger attractions (such as the ghost ride or the pirate ship) will be added to the mix. Discover the many thrilling features revolving around roller coaster simulators and Co.

Broaden your amusement park with theaters and carousels
A variety of roller coasters provide thrills

Free-to-play: Games made by Upjers

They can be played for free, without downloads or installations. We are referring to browser games here. To play the online games made by Upjers for free, all you need are a web-enabled PC and a valid email-address. If these preconditions are met, you’re good to go and play along.

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