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The Star Trek ™ game features

Great Star Trek game features are now available in the browser game My Fantastic Park. Discover the fascinating world of the most famous science-fiction TV series in the world in your amusement park. Watch the Starship Enterprise taking off, experience Captain Picard being transformed into a sinister Borg and be delighted by captivating Klingon fights. Discover the Star Trek game fun.

My Fantastic Park

The amusement park games fun

It´s this special amusement park games fun! Starting now, you can get yourselves elaborately animated Star Trek animations in your park.

Check it out, Star Trek ™ fans!

Here comes the event in the amusement park game. Discover three great science-fiction elements which are now available in the browser game. Play now!

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Freefall Tower or ghost train - You decide what to build
Star Trek decoration items

The browser games spectacle

Such a science-fiction has never been seen in your park! Surprise your visitors with our Star Trek games features. Transform Captain Picard into a Borg and watch his assimilation. Experience warlike Klingons or follow the launch of the Enterprise. With three excellently animated Star Trek features, great browser games fun is waiting for you in the park.

Discover the Star Trek ™ game

Discover the new Star Trek games features in My Fantastic Park. Klingons fight with their traditional bat´leth swords, Borgs assimilate Captain Picard and the impressive Starship Enterprise launches into the vastness of space. My Fantastic Park delights not only Star Trek fans with its excellent animations. Enthrall your park visitors with the newest space attractions. You don´t have a My Fantastic Park account yet? Create one for free in our Upjers Portal et get started. Enchanting game experiences in an all-around impressive setting are waiting for you.

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Germany-based game developer Upjers offers about 30 browser games. The company was founded in 2006. The range of games spreads from zoo simulations to Molehill Empire to the Star Trek game. The best part is that all games can be played for free. Slip into many different roles!

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